Pollution essay sample


Pollution has become a serious problem all over the world. We are no longer dealing with one type of pollution. Unfortunately, these days we need to do our best in order to prevent air, water and soil pollution.

Examples are numerous. Seas, oceans and soil get polluted due to oil spills. Air is polluted because of the increasing amount of cars that use petroleum. What is more, factories and plants have their impact as well. One may also take into account huge atomic catastrophes in Chernobyl and Japan that resulted in contaminating the area as well as in evacuating the population.

Even though it seems like nothing can be done, each of us is able to make a difference. For instance, you can switch to a bike or public transportation instead of driving your car every day to work. Another form of activity is to volunteer at organizations that tackle the issue of pollution. They always need help. The key point here is to never stop doing something as there are lots of ways in which you can assist. Simply find the one you are most good at. More information about pollution and its consequences is available here … orderessay.net