Writing a compare and contrast essay

What is the first thing to take into account when you are writing a compare and contrast essay? Well, the most significant thing is to come up with a controversial issue which poses a lot of questions. If you manage to find it, you will see how easy your task is. When you are writing about something in which you are at least a little bit interested, it automatically lessens the amount of work you are supposed to do.

However, you still have the whole paper to write. Obviously, you will have at least two paragraphs in your main body as one of them will be devoted to the pros of the issue you have chosen while in the other one you will dwell upon its cons. What is more, there are lots of other things to take into account. For instance, you will also have to think about the way of structuring your paper. Thus, you might consider a 5 paragraph essay structure as quite appropriate for the kind of paper you are currently dealing with. Then, you are also supposed to format your paper in accordance with the required citation style. That is an extremely important aspect. If you don’t adhere to the rules, there is a chance that you will lose some points. As a result, your mark will be low which is the least desired thing you want to happen.

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Writing a scholarship essay

The task of writing a scholarship essay requires proper attention for several reasons. Firstly, it is your only chance to study for free which is a rare case these days. Only a few students manage to write a great scholarship essay due to which they are able to study at university and not to pay for it. Secondly, you will create a good impression of yourself which will be quite beneficial for you later on. The teachers will notice that you are a bright kid and the attitude will be completely different. Finally, if you manage to write a superb scholarship essay, you will make your life easier. Once you succeed, you will realize that the hard work on this paper was worth it.

However, the most difficult thing here is to start writing the paper. Everybody knows that the hardest part is to begin. Once you do that, it gets easier. Yet, you are student which presupposes that you’d better do something you are fond of. Usually, studying doesn’t belong to that category. So, if it the case with you, the wisest decision in this situation would be not to torture yourself. Nothing good will come out of that as you won’t be able to write a proper paper. You will just waste your time.

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The Civil War

There is probably no person in the whole world who hasn’t heard about the Civil War. Historians can speak about this issue for years. Well, there is a lot to tell. What is more, there are several points of view which should be presented in case you are dealing with this topic. Despite the fact that this event took place many years ago, scholars are still researching this issue. That is why, some papers appear even now. Therefore, all reasonable points of view should be taken into consideration if you want to come up with a great paper.However, you should know that in order to write a superb paper, you will need to work really hard which includes not only the writing itself. Before you start writing, the first thing you will need to do will be to conduct a thorough research which might take a while. The thing is that the task of searching for all necessary materials won’t take a day or two. It will most likely take a week if you are lucky. What is more, it depends on the topic. So, as you are dealing with the Civil War, there is no guarantee that you will find everything you need immediately. You might be stuck even in the process of searching for necessary information. So, don’t be upset about that. You are not the only one. Lots of students feel frustration in the process of studying.

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